Friday, December 19, 2014

Photography: Long Exposure Shots of the San Juanico Strait

Where I live right now is situated close to the Strait (about 500 feet). It's a blessing altogether even though it's sure that I will have to evacuate with each typhoon rated at Category 3 and above. However, looking at this at any weather and at the end of the day, somehow I forget it all because of the picturesque vista where I see Tacloban City from across and a small island of Samar.  It's both breathtaking and God-given. 

To show you what I mean, here are photos shot at sundown, with a DSLR camera, with settings anywhere from f/22 - f/29, ISO from 100 - 200 and exposure from 5 secs to 25 secs. 

Samar Island across.

Tacloban City w/ lights at early dusk.

Towards east of the Strait w/ purplish sunset.

The sea had minimal waves I couldn't control but the colors are spectacular.

On a cloudy dusk.

Clouds reflecting...

Photos: ©YpilleMiaTirse

The Delightful K Patisserie:

At the counter...

A very pleasant pastry shop with delectable desserts but I like it here mostly because the Spaghetti Bolognese is made just as how it should be! K Pat as how I believe people have nicknamed the place is pretty and refreshing. The flavored ice teas and smoothies are notable and the cupcakes are flavored just right.

You'd have to bring your own pocket Wi-Fi because this is not offered at K Pat, but if you do, all the other elements in this eatery will compliment your visit. 

The Spaghetti Bolognese I rave about.

Looks like an international clientele.

K Pat's attractive interior deco

Location: Corner Gomez and Paterno Sts.
Prices: from P80s - 130s average

I dare say, K Patisserie is a wonderful addition to our Tacloban City!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Survivors: Typhoon Hagupit (Ruby)

Baby Aron and his cousin


Showing us how it's done...

Chums before and after the storm

A young one and his pigeon

Tough like a rock

Three measures of graces
A mother's love through it all

The man and his faith 

These are photos of survivors of typhoon Hagupit or typhoon Ruby from Babatngon and areas of Barugo. They have lost parts if not all of their houses and their belongings have been damaged, but what a great sense of relief that there were no casualties. 

 We got to know some of these sweet folks through the mission work my husband is involved in named Christ for the Philippines Mission (CFTPM).  The smiles and expressions in their eyes testify that Filipinos can pick their feet up, dust themselves off and start all over again and the pictures show the hearts of true survivors.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

12/6/2014: Typhoon Hagupit (Ruby)

Yet again for the second year in a row, Tacloban City was threatened with what was going to be a super typhoon, the strongest one of the year. But thank God Almighty, she was spared though not without a thrashing. 

The Tacloban Pier the day before the height of the storm

With an intensity of 180 kph (maximum gusts) and the typhoon lingering for 8 hours, Tacloban was once again pummeled though not and hopefully never as forceful as typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. Tacloban was not identified as being in the critical area but was in the extreme areas of the storm map. A storm surge was not expected but the Taclobanons would not throw the dice this time, as it was noted all over the city and as early as Wednesday afternoon (Dec. 3) people queued up in all the supermarkets and grocers for preparation. Taclobanons who were in precarious areas voluntarily evacuated to designated shelters and when all was said and done, the city had no casualties. Thank God again!

I took shelter at my family's house in Marasbaras which has 2-storeys, it worked well structurally but I was not exempt from feeling the jitters and anticipation on when the howling and whipping of the wind would stop. Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan survivors however assured me that Ruby did not hold a candle to that dreaded other one. It was a certifiable tempest but we did not feel as much as the citizens of Dolores, Eastern Samar where landfall was expected. Prayers and support to all the victims in Dolores, E. Samar.

Leyte's vulnerable areas were the shores of Barugo, Carigara, Biliran, Capoocan and all the western side of the isle. With the eye of the storm situated at the north of us, the waters were being pushed counter-clockwise hence the possible surge on the banks of the aforementioned places.

Truth be known, I do not know how the typhoons would resolve in Leyte and the Philippines in general or if it ever will and how intense it would be each passing year. Growing up, I only knew of 2 other super typhoons that wrought quite a devastation in Tacloban. With last year's Yolanda and this years Ruby, I am wondering if this indeed will just be like what everyone is saying as "the new normal?" God forbid.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

C'es Trés Beau at Bo's :

Yes, yes, Bo's Coffee is a nationwide franchise and branches will be prone to the run of the mill usance of it. But this Bo's is special to me because it is reasonable. From the prices of the food and drink fare, the availability of the parking, wi-fi connectivity, the ambiance and the staff's service, dare I say, Bo's has done wonders for the coffee culture of Tacloban.

pay as you go...

chill, won't ya?

Try side items for the coffee, meaning the cakes, biscottis and cookies, a standard for coffee shops  but the blueberry cheesecake is also yummy.

Blueberry Cheesecake

Location: Avenida Veteranos across St. Paul's Hospital
Prices: from the P80s - 130s (ave)

It is a relaxing place and it's trés beau!