Monday, February 22, 2016

The Haiyan Food and Coffee Shop at Bislig, Tanauan, Leyte

I was finally able to check out this only game in about 5 towns coming from Sogod to the Palo, Leyte area named Haiyan Restaurant. As we can see the namesake, “Haiyan” is dervied from that devastating typhoon that ravaged Leyte in 2013. I wonder if the owners want to thumb their noses and defy said calamity by christening this eatery as such, or perhaps it's their way of exhibiting their resilience.

As for the entrées, some dishes are cafeteria arrangement while others a' la carte and most are classic Filipino dishes like Kinilaw (ceviche-type fish), pancit and other meat preparations, no annotations needed. Beside the main restaurant is a coffee shop as well and I also noticed a motel being erected within the premises, which will complete a trifecta of service and hospitality.

The décor is eclectic here, with the ubiquitous use of quality wood on the floor, walls, tables and chairs. The staff members are welcoming and helpful. The entire area is al fresco, so just be patient with a stray dog or 2 and the occasional vector visitors which can't be avoided but rest assured, the place is pleasantly rustic and even classy as a whole.

Oriental lattice woodwork.

 Creative and well thought out wood sculptures of lasses which has pocket of drawers.

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