Friday, November 28, 2014

Rizal Beach in Dulag:

Recenlty took a random shot of the sea grass bed w/ flowers on the beach at Rizal Beach, Dulag, Leyte and the cloudscapes that day were quite fascinating as well. 

Dulag was one of the towns in Leyte that was hit hard by Typhoon Yolanda but people are doing their best to rebuild. 

Been going to and fro all around Leyte and I am rediscovering it unlike any other time. Our landscape is not to be taken for granted. Whether land, sea, or mountainside, we have quite a treasure trove in our own beloved island.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Surp-Rice: Rice Topping Mania Hits Tacloban:

From as far as I can remember, the rice topping in a bowl came from Dimsum in Ding Hua in Cebu, Philippines. But upon returning this time around to Leyte, I have seen that rice toppings are as ubiquitous as rice is in this country, even in staple fast food centers like Chowking.

Surp-Rice Restaurant located in Burgos has mostly just toppings of varied meats on rice on the menu, the interior is somewhat hip too and I like it. Check out this decal of the spoken word about the pleasures of eating found in the eatery:

Location: Burgos St.
Prices: reasonable, promise

Fall in Love with Chew Love:

A cute café that will charm clients with the outstanding murals, bright and uplifting disposition, capable internet and tasty fare. 

a feminine and country French-y feel here

dining outside will transport you to a vintage quaint town in Europe?

interior: promotes a relaxed and casual dining atmosphere

Location: Burgos St. Tacloban City
Prices: P60s, P80s - 140s (ave)

Black and White Birds Around Me:

Just took photos around me of birds on wires on a gloomy day. The closeness and communication skills they have amaze me.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Tacloban City Remembers Yolanda, One Year After:

Solemn photos of a somber day as Tacloban City remembers how Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan devastated the city and commemorates the memory of the fallen.

crowd gathering before dusk

surfers commemorate

(testing the limits of the camera)

Candles and Sky Lanterns for the memory of the fallen:


A Glimpse of Agas-Agas:

Agas-Agas mountains in Sogod, Leyte

From three hundred twenty eight feet high looking down, Agas, Agas Bridge in Sogod, Leyte, towers as the tallest in the Philippines. The view is quite astounding I will say and makes my palms and feet soles sweat and without prodding, it makes me start thinking about existential questions. 

There is a zip line fun ride across the bridge and to be honest, I am not sure if it will be fun and I am not going to sign up for it anytime soon.

A Reality in Leyte:

M/V Eva Jocelyn at Anibong Road, Tacloban City

On November 8, 2013, a super typhoon never before recorded as the worst nearly obliterated Tacloban City, the capital of the Island Leyte. Coverage of the freak storm resonated all over the world's news outlets in the aftermath and in a cruel twist, Tacloban City was put on the map of the world, so to speak, not for the pluses she has, but for the state of the city after the storm. In effect, Tacloban became an international city as charity and Non-Government organizations all over the world poured out help and assistance to Leyteños in many ways they could. 

The photo above is what remains of the cargo ship named M/V Eva Jocelyn which plowed through houses and people on to the edge of the street. This has become a sad reminder that one fateful November day, Leyte suffered the most she could in over a century when 20,000 lives (estimated) perished, and a tectonic change was wrought by that dreaded typhoon named Yolanda (or Haiyan).

Padre Burgos Castle and Tangka-an Beach:

Happy to report that the first spot I got to hang out upon returning To Leyte was Padre Burgos Castle in Tangka-an Beach situated at the southern-most tip of The island.

a hut on top of rock formation

overlooking the reef

one of the monoliths near the beach

Padre Burgos Castle also features excellent hospitality, unmatched around the area with exclusivity that makes one feel special. 
The lady servers are charming and polite.

 A tropical dream...

I do hope to visit again, it was a very nice reprieve from the frenzied transition from the USA to the Philippines!

Living Leyte, the Blog:

The flight home - TPA to MLA...

After living 20 years away from the island I grew up in named Leyte in the Philippines, I am coming home. 

Coming back I am sure will cause me to rediscover and even uncover many things about Leyte which I had forgotten or did not notice before. This blog will be an honest documentation in photography and the written word of my island's state of being through my own eyes and mind.