Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sunzibar Café

Sunzibar, located at Burgos across Habagat, the outdoors store, has Tortillas freshly made every day. Though the menu goes across the board from Mexican, Italian and Asian dishes perhaps it’s the Tortillas that bears their flagship. I had the barbecued pork belly; it had a good flavor, the fresh salad was a nice touch too. My companion had Quesadillas and Beef Teriyaki. We liked all of it despite the wide range of flavors and the red berry ice tea was refreshing.

I am now beginning to see why most restos in TC are like Jules Verne’s novel "Around the World in 80 Days" in terms of flavors as opposed to honing on to a specialty, I believe this is the case so that eateries will have the ability to accommodate the restless palate of the Taclobanons that swing from that kind to this kind of cuisine at any given time.

The interior deco here is mostly rustic with hard wood as their canvass and the Diego Rivera-inspired paintings makes for colorful accents. Amenities like the bathroom are to be raved about, we all appreciate it when establishments care in this manner.  I was told that the owners of Sunzibar are the same as Canto Fresco and that they share a kitchen. I observed one customer order pizza from Canto and I think that versatility is a plus; there is no WiFi connectivity. With Sunzibar's longevity (from 2000), I am sure people have already checked this joint out numerously and that’s a good thing!

Location: Burgos St.
Prices: ranging from P85 - P150-ish

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sal's : for Grown Ups?

Sal's is located in Burgos, exactly under a resto-bar named Capitan Tiago. The clientele when we had lunch here anyway, were business gents and ladies and Korean investors. Wheeling and dealing were being discussed though suited to our island town scale. The eavesdropping was not intentional because the voices were really audible.

The menu consists of mainly Filipino dishes, the ones we are familiar with but are prepared and adorned richly. The pineapple which is a universal symbol of hospitality is a part of this restaurant's design-scape and logo. The decor is an eclectic mix of glass, ceramic and flickery lights. I was taken with the buttered chicken which is of course fried, therefore fatty but was light! How is that possible?

It would also be good to note that Sal's is a franchise straight from the soul of Ormoc (which explains the pineapples), if this sounds familiar, it's because this is from that Sal's with the charming circular, al fresco dining restaurant close to the heart of Ormoc City. 

Just check out Sal's when you have the time if you haven't already and wear your grown up suit because, though they have color and a friendly ambiance, the guests can be... serious.

Location: Burgos St.
Prices: ranging from P85 - P200-ish

Miyara's Patisserie: Refreshingly Quaint

If you are not partial to desserts or coffee or if you are on a diet, come and visit Miyara's anyway, if only for the ambiance. It is classy and lovely. Our hot, humid and wet days will be refreshed by this little treasure of a patisserie.

Miyara's fares are mostly cakes, Illy coffee and assorted tea flavors and they are superb;  one can tell that much care was put into designing and detailing this quaint place. You are made welcome with the sofa seating and because it oozes comfort, the kids don't want to leave the place for hours!

The romantic interior with a semblance of French Provence is somewhat transforming and all in all Miyara is truly a wonderful addition to Tacloban's patisserie and coffee culture.

Located at Cor. Burgos and MH del Pilar St.
 Prices: Coffee and Pastries: from the P60's - 120's
This place is trés gentil!


Happy Jacq's, an Eatery:

Happy Jacq's, a pretty place that serves fried ham sandwich which reminds me somewhat of a Monte Cristo. The menu crosses over from Filipino to Italian to American sandwiches and desserts. Nicely decorated interior, colorful, a hodgepodge of colorful urban, mid century details. Prices are reasonable and some items are notably tasty. Happy Jacq's is located in MH del Pilar, Tacloban City; in the marquee it states they are a croissant place as well but I am yet to have one there. The coffee though is very well done and that's why I keep on coming back!

Location: MH del Pilar
Dishes: Filipino, American
Prices: ranges from P60 - 150is

Panato Bread Co.

Panato bread co. a bakery located at Justice Romualdez St. across the Eye Referral Roman architecture building in TC is both unpretentious and necessary. It's in a small space within the block but because of their dedication to their clientele it is such an added bonus to the people of Tacloban. Hot and newly made Bicho-Bicho and Lubid which are variations of doughnuts are always available. I personally go there for the Kabak, a famous Visayan hardened, deep fried bread, encrusted with sesame seeds because it elicits very pleasant childhood memories from the first crunch to the last. 

Panato is not an eatery per sé, there's not a lot of customer space but, how about this idea - buy a bunch of Kabak, Bicho-Bicho, Lubid and ice cold Coca Cola, head for the sea in Magsaysay Blvd. park at the side overlooking the water, eat, drink and relax, and tell me if you're not in Paradise.

Location: J. Romualdez St.
Prices: Reasonable, honest

Jan 17, 2015: Pope Francis in Tacloban City

(photo from CNN)

Though I am not a Catholic, I was happy for my Catholic friends who were jubilant that a current day world religious leader of this magnitude would come to our little island town. The Pope was gracious to our citizenry especially to the disadvantaged. It was noteworthy that he braved the torrent of yet another tropical storm  named Amang (which is a deep Tagalog word for "father"); Taclobanons,  even pilgrims from the neighboring islands and outside the country were deeply moved by this.

This mass elation was palpated weeks before, during and even days after the historic visit. What a boon for Tacloban City to be in the headlines all over the globe again, this time not for tragedy, but for something celebratory.