Sunday, January 8, 2017

Leyte's Consumate Deli Experience: Italian Market Deli

A Delicatessen to me is a place that houses cured meats, a plethora of cheeses with names unpronounceable at times, exotic oils, olives, antipasto delights; and most especially one that constructs those foot-long deli sandwiches which contains a myriad of tastes that takes my palate into a journey so ambrosial I have to write about it. 

Said experience and or place is no longer foreign to us Leyteños (and I say this with giddiness) because guess what? We now have our very own Deli here in Leyte!

The Italian Market Deli located at Brgy. 93 Bagacay, inside Villa de San Juanico Subdivision (close to THE bridge), is as ideal as it gets in the realm of delicatessens. Hand on heart I can vouch for the authenticity of this joint and even dare to opine that the Subway franchises I've been to in the Philippines lose luster when pitted next to this veritable deli in Tacloban. 

the Deli's flagship sandwich - the Spicy Italian.

Delis are gratifying and I will say Italian Market will not leave one wanting. Go ahead and sample those promising cured and seasoned meats i.e., Copicola ham, black forest ham, sausages, peppered hams, baloney, assorted salami and blocks of cheeses like Gruyère, Swiss, mozzarella, Parmesan, Cheddar and so on. Turn neither to the right or left my friends for these items are no longer stuff to wonder about for here and now, it has become tangible. It is a plus of course that the prices are friendly for items so rare in our parts. I personally like it that the owners are welcoming and are eager to share the deli experience with everyone too. 

Deli meats.

 Fromage, formaggio, queso, cheese!

Assorted sausages.

Italian Market Deli too has a cornucopia of non-perishables one can take if concocting one's own creations is preferred.

Items one will fall in love with!

flavored-olive oils and dressings

And here are ...
My deli meat and cheese going through the blades of glory.

Check out that marble-ization !

Gruyère, one of the few things that truly ages beautifully.

Tarry no longer and vamos!

The location may be away from the city center but let me say, it reminds me of those times driving on a less traveled road in a quaint beach town (say Siesta Key, FL), looking for something to eat, being non-expectant but then... Serendipity! Italian Market Deli.