Thursday, April 7, 2016

Nice Babatngon

There is a mission work that the husband started in this town called Babatngon, Leyte and I have been a frequent visitor here. Babatngon is located at the northern tip of Leyte and has approximately 35 thousand inhabitants and has a languid feel to it as it is next to a cove. Fishing and farming are the common mode of enterprise here and it is thriving as a community. The town possesses a breathtaking nature scene on both the sea and mountain fronts. The forests are verdant, the crops fecund and I hope it stays this way for all time. 

If we can call it that, progress looms about with the arrival of the expansive housing project initiated by the National Housing Authority with 2,000 villas knit next to each other. These one-bedroom concrete villa subdivision is the proposed resettlement for those who are living very close to areas prone to storm surges and flooding. Word has it that the town will be further developed into a major port of the Leyte and as Tacloban City becomes more saturated, this might just become the suburb to be, in the not so distant future. 

Herewith are photos taken of the area from a park located on a mountain top that surveys the vista of Babatngon, 360 degrees. 

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