Friday, February 10, 2017

#OOTD : #Awesome !

One nautical shoulder peek-a-boo dress up for grabs!

#OOTD is the hashtag bomb. Lol! One must really be into these sort of brevity to be able to keep up these days and may I say that this apparel joint does exactly that!

 Located close to the Van-Van terminal at Burgos St., #OOTD (#Overruns Of The Day) houses the only pret-a-porter you need in Tacloban today. I am not a brand name idolater (anymore), but these garment and footwear brands spell of good quality if nothing else: Zara, American Eagles, Esprit, Mango, Zuiki, Forever 21, Chuck Taylor's (Converse), Havaianas, am I right? Well, they are found in this store and not to mention items are very reasonably priced indeed. By “reasonable" I mean, the P1,200.00 girl jeans at Forme is a P600.00 Zara at #OOTD, like there’s a comparison? Szhahh! 

 W/ a DSLR, Gory here can be NatGeo material.

Feline Fashion in the house!

Also present in the store are casual, business-casual and sportswear for the non-contrived hipsters and fashionistas. Cross my heart. 

Jeans and khakis 
Check out the cool vibe inside huh? The witty puns to lure your inner shopaholic, the relaxing consumer ambience, I really love it; this amiable concept is a creation of my co-kindred pal Sharon M. Ogsimer who I admire for her authenticity, coolness and congeniality! 

What Wisdom...

Oh just discover this one for yourselves why don’t ya? And you'll thank me later. Peace! 

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