Friday, December 19, 2014

Photography: Long Exposure Shots of the San Juanico Strait

Where I live right now is situated close to the Strait (about 500 feet). It's a blessing altogether even though it's sure that I will have to evacuate with each typhoon rated at Category 3 and above. However, looking at this at any weather and at the end of the day, somehow I forget it all because of the picturesque vista where I see Tacloban City from across and a small island of Samar.  It's both breathtaking and God-given. 

To show you what I mean, here are photos shot at sundown, with a DSLR camera, with settings anywhere from f/22 - f/29, ISO from 100 - 200 and exposure from 5 secs to 25 secs. 

Samar Island across.

Tacloban City w/ lights at early dusk.

Towards east of the Strait w/ purplish sunset.

The sea had minimal waves I couldn't control but the colors are spectacular.

On a cloudy dusk.

Clouds reflecting...

Photos: ©YpilleMiaTirse

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